Guest credits are a way to prepay for your family’s guests.  Instead of paying at the check-in desk, you can purchase guest credits online and just check in your guest using a credit instead of cash or a check.  You may still pay at the check-in desk if you prefer.


Members are welcome to bring guests to the pool.  Please keep in mind, though, that this is a private pool designed for our members’ enjoyment.  Our guest policy is that each member present at the pool may bring one guest.  The member must be present for the duration of their guest’s stay  at the pool.

The guest fee is $5/day for in town guests for the first 5 visits to the pool for that guest. Subsequent visits by the same guest increase to $15/day up through their 10th visit.  After a guest’s 10th visit, the guest fee is $25/day.  Each guest is limited to 15 visits to the pool.  This policy is in place to encourage frequent visitors of the pool to become a member.

Out of town guests are charged $5/week. The same one guest per member rule applies to out of town guests.

Please remember that Sundays and holidays are for members only.  No in town guests are allowed on those days.  Out of town guests may visit the pool on these restricted days.