Off-Season Check-In

Happy fall y’all.

It’s the off-season at Shades Cliff, but we are already preparing for summer 2021!

If you’ve been by the pool in the last week or so, you may have noticed that we’ve been doing some work.  There were a couple of items from the resurfacing project last year that needed attention which required the water level be lowered for the work.  The lights needed to be more securely affixed (you know, so they don’t fall out in the water again this summer!) and we needed the safety rope anchors and eye bolts installed.  That work has been completed and the water has been brought back to a normal level.

We hope you all plan to return to Shades Cliff in 2021, but we know that families’ needs change. If you know that your family will not be returning for 2021, we encourage you to cancel your membership now.  That will allow us to know how many places we have to fill for 2021 and contact families on the waiting list in early 2021.

Please follow the below steps to cancel your membership:

If you are not a stockholder (new member in 2020 that chose to split new member fees over 2 years)…send an email to to let us know that you will not be returning.

If you are a stockholder
1.  Locate your stock certificate and sign and date it anywhere on the back.  If you cannot find your stock certificate, draft a simple letter stating you wish to sell your membership.  Sign and date the letter.
2.  Make sure we have your current address.  If your address is not correct in our system, please include your current address with your certificate or letter.
3.  Mail the signed stock certificate (or letter) to
Shades Cliff Pool, Inc.
PO Box 26089
Hoover, AL 35260-6089
4.  Sit back and wait on your check to arrive in the mail. You will receive the stock fee that you originally paid ($200) within a few weeks.

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is around the corner. As it approaches, we are reminded that we are thankful for each Shades Cliff family!  You all are what make our little community pool so great!

Happy {almost} holidays!
Shades Cliff Pool Board