In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we wanted to create a space where you could get up to date information on how Shades Cliff Pool is addressing the issue, as well as transparency on any decisions made.  Please check back here for updates.

Updated May 27, 2020:

To avoid congestion and extended waiting at the front desk, we are asking all members to do a couple of things prior to arriving at the pool.

  • Every adult member age 19 and above (including babysitters) will need to fill out and sign this waiver.  Please note, if the babysitter is under 19, the babysitter’s parent will have to sign the waiver.  You can download that waiver HERE.  Please print and sign.  You can scan and email back to or bring the physical copy with you to the pool when you come. Additionally, please note that if you’re emailing the signed form back, please allow for one evening for us to mark as received.
  • Update your membership account with updated information and photos of all family members.  Simply log in to your account (the same way you logged in to pay your dues) and make sure everything is up to date, including photos.

These are things that will be required to be done before pool entry.

Thank you again for your help with this!

Updated May 22, 2020:

We sincerely want to thank you for your time in considering and voting on the pool opening plan. It goes without saying that this is a tough situation and we all can’t wait for everything to return to normal.

The final vote was largely in favor of opening the pool under the modified plan, so that’s the direction the pool staff is now diligently working toward.  As it was mentioned in the previous email, we’re going to be opening the pool up no later than May 31.  We’re going to spend the next several days:

  • Certifying and training the lifeguard staff
  • Putting together a cleaning program
  • Putting some finishing touches on the pool

The pool is in the best shape it’s been in for many, many years.  We cannot wait for you to see all the hard work that has gone into the facility since the last time you were all here!

Last, thank you for your patience and understanding as the staff is navigating this new territory of COVID-19, while trying to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your family this summer.  We appreciate all of your support!

Updated May 20, 2020:

When the Shades Cliff Pool Board met on Sunday, May 17th, 2020, a motion was presented and passed which calls for a membership vote regarding the operation of the pool for the 2020 summer season.  Due to COVID 19, regular pool operations and procedures must be altered to keep in compliance with guidelines set forth by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), as well as other federal, state, and local authorities and to maintain the safety of the members and staff.  If the majority vote YES to the below,  these procedures will be in place until no longer warranted by the previously stated authorities and no longer needed to maintain safety of pool members and staff.  Additional measures may be taken to maintain safety and compliance.

The membership is being asked to vote on whether to open with the stipulations and forfeit any potential of a partial refund of dues for the 2020 season; or to remain closed until the pool can operate under normal procedures and capacity, with the potential of a partial refund of dues if we are not able to open this season. Each member account is allowed one vote. (1 vote per family)

The options we’re asking you to consider are:

  • To open the pool no later than Monday, May 31, 2020, with the following restrictions:
    • The facility will have a maximum capacity of 50 members at all times
    • Members will be allowed on a first come first served basis
    • The pool will operate Monday-Saturday in 3 shifts: 10:00-1:00, 1:30-4:30, 5:00-close; the pool will operate on Sunday in 2 shifts: 1:00-4:30 and 5:00-close
    • The facility will be closed between shifts to allow time for cleaning and sanitizing
    • All members must exit the facility between shifts and may get back in line for the next shift which will be opened on a first come first served basis
    • Members, as usual, will be asked to check in. In addition, members will need to check out so their spot can be filled by another person (if pool is at capacity)
    • Members will enter only through the front entrance and exit only through the gate by the family restroom
    • No guests will be allowed
    • No parties will be allowed
    • Chairs will be spaced 6ft apart and members are not to move chairs
    • Social distancing will be observed while on Shades Cliff Property, pool deck, pool, outside pool area (Local authorities currently have the ability to close the pool if social distancing is not maintained)
    • Girl’s and Boy’s restrooms will be closed. The family restroom will serve as the only restroom for the pool
    • Ice machine, vending machine, and water fountain will not be available
    • No grill
    • Food deliveries must be met in the parking lot
    • Baby pool will be limited to two households at a time
    • Sharing of pool toys, balls, and dive sticks out of household will not be allowed at this time
    • No tag games will be allowed
    • Water aerobics will be temporarily suspended
    • Lap swim will be temporarily suspended
    • Swim and dive practice will take place with new guidelines to maintain safety and social distancing
  • OR to have the pool remain closed until we can safely open with typical procedures and capacity. Even if the majority of members vote to keep the pool closed, we will open when the restrictions in place by government offices are lifted.  If the restrictions are not lifted and the pool does not open for the entire summer season, a partial refund could be made.  The amount of the refund would be determined after the close of the normal pool season. The pool incurs operational costs regardless of whether it is open or not.

The pool board has worked tirelessly to obtain all information possible regarding safely operating the pool in this environment.  Information has been gathered through government websites, pool websites, phone conversations with pool operators throughout our community as well as some in neighboring states, and even on-site visits to other pools.  This was a long and tedious process which required hours of work and meetings.

This is an unprecedented time.  We’re all aware that guidelines as well as information regarding COVID 19 change daily.  The pool must operate within these guidelines for the safety of our members, and our staff.  Safety and ensuring we are allowed to remain open are our top priorities.

Shades Cliff Pool is a member owned pool; so the decision should be left up to the members.  We realize, right now, neither option is anyone’s first choice.  We all would like to see the pool open without restrictions in place.  However, since that’s not the situation we find ourselves in, please take the time to vote for your preference of the available options.  Your voice is appreciated.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we took the time necessary to develop this plan.

For a link to this vote, please check the main email address associated with your pool membership account.

Updated May 13, 2020:

The pool will not be open this coming weekend, May 16 and May 17, as we had originally hoped.  We are working closely with and monitoring information from the Jefferson County Department of Health, the Alabama Department of Public Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  We are also working on the certification and recertification of our lifeguards that were to be trained by the American Red Cross training in April.

Know that we are eager to open and get things going but we also want to follow the guidelines set forth. The ultimate goal is to keep our members and employees safe.

Updated April 22, 2020:

Shades Cliff Pool is taking direction from public health officials regarding COVID-19 and is taking steps to limit staff and community exposure to COVID-19 in accordance with state officials and public health guidance.  As more information is released in the coming weeks from state officials, the board will evaluate how that will apply to the pool for opening and operation and keep everyone updated.